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Two-in-one function
Four-in-one function

【No open flame】Flame detector tester

Model No.:ABS-H04(No Open Flame)

【Open flame】Flame detector tester

Model No.:ABS-H04(Open Flame)

Heat detector tester

Model No.:ABS-W03

Smoke detector tester

Model No.:ABS-Y02

Auto-Sensing Type Two-in-one Smoke And Heat Detector Tester

Model No.:ABS-YW11

Split two-in-one smoke andheat detector tester

Model No.:ABS-YW09

Two-in-one smoke and heat detector tester

Model No.:ABS-YW10

Integrated four-in-one detector tester

Model No.:ABS-Q02

Split four-in-one detector tester

Model No.:ABS-Q01

Disassembly tools
Point type fire detector disassembly tool
Point type fire detector disassembly tool

1.Point type fire detector rechargeable electric disassembly tool.

2.Simple and flexible operation,control "open" and "close" at the handle button.

3.With snap-on connecting rod,lengthen arbitrarily according to height demand.

4.Grip opening and closing diameter range7.5-13cm.

5.Work in dark environment, use with strong light flashlight.

6.This product and fire detector are tester connecting rods can be used interchangeably.

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Atomized fuming fluid
Battery rod
【ABS-810】Connecting rod
【ABS-811】Connecting Rod
【ABS-808】Connecting Rod